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Hydraulics provides endless possibilities. DYNASET expertise in hydraulics enables a vast range of hydraulic equipment and special applications


Integration with Hydraulic Systems

DYNASET has expertise of utilizing mechanical power and converting it to fluid power. Pressurized liquids are used as power source in company’s products and applications. The company’s experts are familiar with the most of the hydraulic systems and have experience of integration with different vehicle brands.


Diversity in Hydraulic Solutions

  • Multiple PTO solutions can be utilized in the most machines, vehicles and vessels
  • The power unit technology brings hydraulic power also to places where mobile machines cannot reach
  • Allows a compact excavator perform equally well as a larger excavator
  • Diversifies the use of an excavator
  • Works easily by the push of a joystick’s button



  • PTO solutions transforms mechanical power to fluid power for hydraulic equipment
  • Power units have combustion engines providing power for hydraulic output
  • DYNASET technology provides fast, highly automated and cost-effective modules for de-icing
  • DYNASET converts a vehicle’s hydraulic power into a pulling power
  • DYNASET provides hydraulic pressure increase for rescue tools
  • DYNASET hydraulic equipment produces high-pressure water for rock bolt expansion
  • DYNASET provides all the necessary valves for integrating hydraulic equipment on machines, vehicles and vessels


PV-SAE 3/4”


PV-SAE 1 1/4”

Priority valve system, sandwich mounted with solenoid for all mobile installations. Simplifies hydraulic installations.

Pressure max. 350 bar (5076 psi) Flow max.70 - 145 l/min (18.48 - 32.28 U.S. gpm)

Through ­flow 0 - 150 l/min (39.6 U.S. gpm)


SV SAE 1 1/4”

SAE Solenoid valve

Flow max. 100 l/min (26.4 U.S. gpm)

LSV 40

LSV 60

LSV 95

LSV 150

LS-valve, solenoid control operated, pressure relief.

Flow max. 40 - 150 l/min (10.56 - 39.6 U.S. gpm)

VR 50PK 1/2”

VR 95PK 3/4”

VR 200PK 1”

Oil ­flow limiter, pressure compensated

Flow max. 50 l/min - 200 l/min (13 - 53 U.S. gpm)

SV 70NC 1/2”

SV 150NC 1”

Solenoid valve 2/2

Flow max. 70 - 150 l/min (18.48 - 39.6 U.S. gpm) or LS-connection, Pressure max. 350 bar (5076 psi)

VKV 90 3/4”

Free ­flow valve, solenoid and pressure control

Pressure max. 315 bar (4568 psi)

HMV Modular Valve systems


* Materials and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


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Installation Valves∣Hongsan Construction Machinery Sell Prodct-Professional excavator sales, maintenance, parts, rental